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Prejmer Cultural Tour

Prejmer cultural tour shows you the history of the village with 1000 springs

It was said in the past that there is no place in Țara Bârsei richer in water than the village of Prejmer, and because the ancient peoples took its presence into account when choosing a good place to live, we can easily find the connection with the story of the first people who settled here. In fact, if you look at the map of the Bârsa depression, you will easily discover Prejmer, between the waters of the Tarlung, the Black River and the Olt. The Prejmer Cultural Tour is organized by our professional guides, who will tell you all about the history of the place. Spend a day outdoors in the village of Prejmer!

The peasant fortress and the fortified church

Prejmer Cultural TourPrejmer’s most famous landmark is the old fortified church. The construction of the basilica started after 1211 but it took some time to build it. It had to face a series of important events such as: the expulsion of the Teutonic founders, the arrival of the Saxon settlers, the devastation of the place by the Tartars, so that it was completed only at the end of 1250.

The Prejmer Cultural Tour will explain how the six foreign invasions forced the locals to build walls and ramparts around the church. They ended up building the most impressive peasant fortress in Transylvania, so durable that even today we find it preserved in its best condition.

About the fortifications, the Austrian general Broune said in the 1750s „that he would dare to defend himself better in the castle of Prejmer than in the one in Brasov”.

The fortress, nowadays

Today, very well restored, the church and fortress are some of the most important tourist attractions in Transylvania. The 274 small rooms built into the wall provide a refuge for every family in the village during the invasions.

In the interior of some of the small rooms, a small museum with medieval peasant objects and decorations of the houses and the old Saxon school has been organized over time. If you want to visit the fortress you have to take 10 lei out of your pocket, a very modest sum for what you find beyond the gate. And don’t forget, you can come any day of the week, Monday to Sunday. Take part and book the Prejmer Cultural Tour and come discover a beautiful part of Romania’s history.

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